How We Show We Care About People



We show this by hiring the best individuals in the field, supporting them through their professional development and helping them achieve their goals both inside and outside of work.


We understand the importance of people and relationships. So we do our best to deliver unparallel customer service, and offer services that support businesses and the people behind them.


We love supporting businesses in our local community. Proud to be part of the community, each year, our team takes part in the Three Town Trail and raises money for We Love The Moorlands charitable fund.

What We Do


We Just Happen To Design Great Buildings

From your house extension to a large scale commercial project, our talented team of Architects and Technologists can help you realise your dream.

We Just Happen To Support Future Developments

Our specialist consultants work alongside Architects, Contractors and their clients helping them to achieve their development journey.

We Just Happen To Provide Unique Office Spaces

Located in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands we renovate and refurbish once neglected buildings turning them into stunning spaces for you and your business.

Who We Are

001 - Natalie
002 - Mark Carr
003 - Emma
004 - Simon
005 - Kate W
006 - Billie
007 - Hannah
008 - Dave D
009 - Steve
010 - Mark Flackett
011 - Liz
012 - Andy
013 - Dave M
015 - James G
016 - Len Foster
017 - Kate
018 - Lisa C
019 - Nathan
020 - Rob Duncan
021 - Molly Dog
022- Tugger and Tilly

Where & When To
Contact Us

Feel free to call the number below and we will direct you to either architects, services or developments.